Supports all Unicode characters and works with TrueType, OpenType and True Type Collection.


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Pros & Cons:

Works with the entire Unicode repertoire (many character sets); lots of detailed information.
Complex software and content; no help file.

Our Review:

Look at Andrew West's BabelMap if you are interested in the deeper features of Unicode character repertoires (the equivalent of many character sets). This is a program for the more technical user.

It is the only viewer I saw that could access all Unicode characters for the latest version of Unicode. I wish I'd used it last year for a Python script that had multi-language features. I would have myself saved a lot of grief.

BabelMap allows you to browse the Unicode character repertoire for each font and then search, bookmark, colour-code, copy and re-encode characters from that repertoire. You can also create virtual composite fonts where blocks of characters are mapped to different fonts. Other features are unlikely to interest most users.

It works with TrueType, OpenType and True Type Collection. For an example using BabelMap, read All 100K+ Unicode characters and more…

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