A powerful macro utility automates tasks by playing back a recorded sequence of inputs.


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Pros & Cons:

Heavily customizable, more a programmable automation utility than simple macro utility.
Has a steep learning curve.

Our Review:

AutoHotkey needs to be mentioned up front, and separated from the rest of the pack.

It is not a hotkey utility, technically it is a macro utility. What this means is that it automates tasks by playing back a 'recorded' sequence of inputs, either directly into the OS or by controlling the behavior of HID (Human input devices) such as your mouse, or keyboard.

It is built around the AutoIt scripting language which enables users to write a script, or download and modify others to their use.

Its technical learning curve is somewhat steep for complex use, but for basic automation it's very usable, requiring only a little patience, and some willingness to practice.

In good conscience it can't be recommended as a simple hotkey utility, because it's like using a bazooka to swat a fly. However, at the same time for those looking for a much more powerful solution to their needs that cannot be solved with any of the more conventional hotkey utilities, then so long as you can do it by hand AutoHotkey can do it through a script.

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