Audacity - Still The Best Free Audio Editor


Audacity audio editorIf you want to edit audio files, the Audacity is still the best option. With more than 30 million downloads, it's pretty clear that the developers are doing something right. Whether you want to edit sounds recorded with a microphone, perhaps to produce a podcast, or you wish to edit music ripped from a CD or MP3 file, Audacity will do it.

With such powerful software, there are of course some downsides. It takes a while to master this program, but thankfully there are some helpful videos on Youtube if you search. But there's definitely nothing more powerful unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars on a product such as Adobe Audition.

The latest version of Audacity was released earlier this year, so if you're not currently running version 2.1.2 you should update. The file is 25 MB from and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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Audacity is very bad. It lacks some important features e.g.
- No volume change by % (only in db)
- No 'Fit-to-selection'
- vertical and horizontal sliders not auto-hideable
- No support for AC3
- No zoom in to original level after a some zoom outs
- 'Save changes before closing' at exit cannot be (optional) suppressed (=auto-answered by NO)
... many more

Nice software but ultimately beaten by Wavosaur imho, not least because the latter supports realtime VST processing.

The biggest problem I have with Audacity is the UI, functionalitywise it often outperforms ie. Audition.
Luckily many things are addressed here while also explaining how to further customize the UI to your liking:

For Windows, Mac and Linux too !
Also available as a Portable App :