ASTRO File Manager


ASTRO File Manager

Helps organise and view your pictures, music, documents and other files very quickly and intuitively.


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Pros & Cons:

Very clever file management that comes fully loaded with loads of options to manage the file content on your android device with easy to follow menus.
Could do with an easier way to get back to the software's front menu as sometimes if you double-tap too much, it takes you right out of it.

Our Review:

Astro File Manager has been designed to help you organise and view your pictures, music, documents and other files on your Android device very quickly and very intuitively. It has a clear, crisp and uncluttered front end menu with easily understandable menu options that will lead you to the correct content management of your choice.

Once an option has been chosen, the next screen presents you with an easy way to navigate through your internal and external memory, the file types, and other file types such as Podcasts, Ringtones, Downloads, USB Storage, and much much more.

I love the sub-menu concept it provides where you can drag it up or down like a scroll bar using your finger and the options give you such scope to do so much more with the files stored on your device. For example, you can move, copy, drag your files, create new folders, view them in a list or in a grid, sort them, set preferences etc. The options are great and depending on how much you actually keep stored on your device, you could spend a while fiddling with it but it will lead you nicely and conveniently to your content.

What it also gives you on the front menu are options for Application Backup, Task Killer (Process Management), and SD Card Usage. Each one in itself is really useful. I especially like the SD Card Usage as it gives me a clear and easily understandable view of how my micro SD card is being used.

There is a Getting Started option (Astro v3 Help) which is very informative and explains the majority of the functions with screenshots. Plus it will take you to Astro's Support Portal if you really get stuck.

ASTRO File Manager was reviewed by on based on version 2.5-153-STD.