Assign A Frequently-Typed Word or Phrase To a Single Key


When I'm not bringing you news of interesting freeware for Gizmo's, one of my other jobs is as a system administrator for a collection of servers running Microsoft Sharepoint 2010.  Consequently, just about every sentence I type into Google or an email message tends to include the phrase "Sharepoint 2010" somewhere in it.

All of which recently prompted me to look for a simple, free Windows utility that would let me record the phrase "Sharepoint 2010" and assign it to a keyboard combination of my choosing.  And after looking at a number of such programs, I've settled on something called Clavier+ because it's very easy to use.

Once you run the program, it sits in the system tray until you need it.  When you click on its icon, up pops a screen similar to the one shown below.  To add my entry, I clicked on the "+" button, chose a hotkey (I used Ctrl-Alt-S but you can use whatever you like), specified the text, and pressed OK.  Job done.  From now on, if I press Ctrl-Alt-S in a Google search, or in Microsoft Word, or indeed any other program or web site, my chosen text gets inserted.

Clavier+ is a 0.5 MB download and runs just fine on Windows 7 or below.  It's free of malware, according to VirusTotal, and you can download it from  Both 32- and 64-bit versions are available. 




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