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In a summary of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report this year, it says that the seriousness of a global health crisis has reinforced the need for reliable and accurate journalism and reminded us how open we have become to conspiracies and misinformation.

The report reveals that “journalists no longer control access to information while greater reliance on social media and other platforms give people access to a wider range of sources, some of which are at odds with official advice, misleading, or simply false.”

Well, among the platforms, Quora is indeed a remarkable source to broaden views about the news and any topics in the form of questions and answers. From answers to the questions, you judge if they are factual or biased, and you have an option to offer a better answer. Each of the answers is accompanied with users’ responses including upvotes, shares, and comments.

Accessible in any web browser or via a mobile app for Android and iOS for free, Quora provides a place for you to share knowledge and better understand the world in the topics you like.

There are many topics that may be of great interest on this platform. Combine related topics into a space of your own, or follow any existing spaces that have been added for exploring related questions and answers right away.





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