A portable and open-source clipboard manager to keep track of clip entries


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Pros & Cons:

Clip edition, permanent clips enabled by default, excellent portable version, categories, remembers what application a specific clip comes from, many options.
Poor user interface, non-text clips not enabled by default, doesn't handle file copying.

Our Review:

ArsClip is an option for those looking for a portable clipboard manager. In the zip file, you'll find the portable version, the setup.exe and the source code.

It is a free clipboard utility to monitor the clipboard and keep track of the clip entries. It provides many options such as text editing tools, search and edit history, and it remembers what application a specific clip comes from.

On the downside, the user interface of this tool looks much more complicated than other applications in this category of review. In particular, I found that pasting clips from a triggered popup window rather inconvenient and at times obtrusive to other applications that I'm working on.

ArsClip also has an ads supported Android version called ArsClip Mini which works with a textbox. When a textbox is tapped, a floating button is shown for you to copy text from the current textbox or paste text from ArsClip Mini to a textbox. This works rather differently from the way it works in Windows.

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