Are Your Hacked Details Circulating On The Internet?


Hack check resourceThere are hundreds of millions of hacked account details in circulation on the internet. Partly as the result of high-profile attacks such as the ones against Sony Pictures and Ashley Madison. But these are just the tip of a large iceberg, and the list of stolen credentials is growing by the day.

What about yours? Has anyone stolen a password that corresponds to your email address? Is there a way to check?

Thankfully, there is. A web site called Breach Alarm automatically scans the web for hacked passwords and the email addresses that go with them. So you can get some instant peace of mind just by going to and entering your email address. The system will scan its databases and, if any record of your details is found, you'll be alerted so that you can change your password.

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The site told me that I was a ROBOT, but I think it is because I am behind a VPN and it sees the DNS of the VPN server. THERE IS NO WAY I WILL GIVE MY REAL IP SO EVERYONE CAN TRACK ME. No thanks. The moment you allow them access to your real IP, you are done for.

I checked 3 of my email addresses and my daughter's email and was informed that no hacks had taken place. Nothing was pushed at me. Thanks for giving me just a modicum of comfort. I will say that, in large part, I credit Sandboxie with favorable results with this and other sites that check the varieties of online security. Thanks, Rob

The moderators have removed several comments from this thread relating to pricing. The article is not about tracking potential hacks but checking them which is free as stated. Other than that, their pricing structure for additional services is clear enough.

The only comment I would make is that all of my own passwords/emails have been hacked according to them on the same day which seems a little odd. :) Still, as ever we bring stuff to the masses we hope will be both interesting and useful. If you feel this isn't, there is plenty more to see on other pages without slagging off the editor for features he never promoted in the first place. MC - Site Manager.

Interesting...however, haveibeenpwned notified me today that one of the addresses I have (this site says it had not been hacked) was hacked on Linkedin back in 2012. Best part, I believe, is that I have never been a member of linkedin. Whom are you to believe?

>> haveibeenpwned notified me today that one of the addresses I have was hacked on Linkedin back in 2012.
>> Best part, I believe, is that I have never been a member of linkedin.
Whoohahahaha... LOL :-))

Ron: Appreciate this article... have implemented: 1. BreachAlarm... 2. Ultra High Security Password Generator by Steve Gibson... 3. haveibeenpwned.

Thank you.

Thanks! Nice and quick. Another arrow in the security quiver. (complaints because it LOOKS funny? Huh!).

at least haveibeenpwned tells you which breach resulted in your data being compromised, so you know which passwords to change...

Only the FREE BreachAlarm Watchdog service does "not include full details of the breach".

Email Watchdog Pricing

Its too annoying with its security check also it looks too much like a commercial sting. The other site you gave us looks better - haveibeenpwned

This Gizmo article hasn't given you any site other than BreachAlarm --- only the comments/replies therein have mentioned alternatives.

I see you meant this site rather than this article. Thanks for the link.