Are You Impressed with Google Assistant in Allo?


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Allo is Google's latest instant messaging app, announced at Google I/O together with a one-to-one video calling app Duo in May 2016.

Three months later, Duo was launched and it has now reached more than 10 million downloads, whereas Allo was just launched in September 2016.

It’s too early to predict if Allo will gain popularity among IM users but certainly it has many competitors, including WhatsApp with most active users currently around the world, in this crowded market of IM apps.

Chances are you're already on a chat platform but one is hardly enough if you need to message with friends that are all over several platforms.

Allo serves as an alternative IM with some standout features like smart replies and a digital personal assistant called Google Assistant, making full use of what Google is already best at—Search.

Are you impressed with Google Assistant in Allo? Give it a try and let us know what you think about this instant messenger.

Google Allo



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Thanks for the link Panzer. Allo has an option for incognito chats which may be a good choice, like the way you do in Chrome with incognito browsing.

Beats WhatsApp hands down, much more feature rich and handy to use in everyday live and while conversing with others WITHOUT leaving you chat screen...

Now it is just a matter of getting all you contacts to start using Allo so you can ditch the old school apps out there.