Adds Another Layer of Security to Your Android Device


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Easy to use with Photo and Media Vaults; lock settings, incoming calls and any other apps on your mobile device.
Premium features with ads, media files not scanned inside a folder containing a .nomedia file.


A popular security app to hide your photos, videos from Gallery and to protect any other apps installed on your mobile device.

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AppLock provides another layer of security to protect your privacy on your Android device in addition to system's screen lock.

With this app, you can lock Settings, Contacts, incoming calls and any other apps installed on your mobile device, and you can hide pictures and videos from Gallery by moving them to a personal vault. No unauthorised persons will be able to access them without a password, pattern or your fingerprint.

Upon launching the app, draw an unlock pattern and draw it again to confirm. You can then set up a security email to enjoy more functions and more security. If you’re using Android 5.0 or above, you must permit usage access for AppLock for its features to be functional.

This app is user-friendly and liked by many users with more than 100 million intalls from Google Play. Besides hiding media files using the preset Photo Vault and Video Vault, you can also move images and videos to the vault via the Share button in Gallery.

A list of apps categorised into Advanced, Switch Lock and General is provided for easy locking and unlocking. Upon launching a protected app, you will need to provide the credential that you’ve set.

Nearly every aspect of your security concerns is covered when you use this app. You can hide the AppLock icon from your homescreen and app list, then access AppLock from a dial keypad with an access code, or from a browser with a predefined URL. You can also go a step further to prevent another user of your mobile device from uninstalling AppLock by installing and enabling its sister app Advanced Protection for AppLock.

While using AppLock, it is highly recommended that the Settings app be locked to enhance security and prevent other users from uninstalling or force-stopping apps from your device, or disabling device administrators.

This is a free version that comes with premium features and supported by ads. If you dislike ads, you can switch over to a free basic version via the app's Account Center but the premium features are then disabled.

Here is a word of caution. Media files like images and videos that do not show up in Gallery do not mean that they don't exist on your device. Neither Gallery nor AppLock scan media files insides a folder that contains an empty file titled ".nomedia", such as in the “Sent” folder of WhatsApp. Any media files inside that folder are not protected by AppLock and remain viewable with a media player or viewer.


Add Another Layer of Security and Privacy to Your Android Device

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