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AppGratis iconAppGratisWe all like free, and AppGratis is one way to get your daily fix of free apps with benefits not found elsewhere. The Android app has a satisfaction rating of 4.5 on Google Play so if you don't already know about it, it's worth a look.

Sadly, for iOS owners, AppGratis was removed from that app store by Apple due to a clause in their terms and conditions.

The AppGratis set up process is straight forward and easy for both Android tablets and phones. To get you started, download and run the app from the link below and you'll be asked to register with your email address. You can also register on the developer's website at the link at the end of this review.

If you register with a Gmail account, the confirmation email might end up in your spam folder as mine did. After that, the daily emails arrived normally.

Once you've signed up, you don't need to run the app except to check on current or expired offers. You'll receive only one daily Push notification on your device. From there, you can go directly to the Play Store page for the app on offer. Finding new apps doesn't get much easier than that.

The AppGratis team has over 40 people, so the free app business is not a small operation. It gives you confidence that the great offers will keep flowing. They also service many different countries and languages.

The emails from AppGratis arrive like clockwork at the same time daily and are quite entertaining. The author, Sam, has a good sense of humor. He often includes short video clips which will bring you a smile. Each app of the day email has a link to the Play Store page.

Most offers last 24 hours and many are paid versions or promos. There are full ad-free versions which normally cost money, with no strings attached. The daily apps cover all categories such as games and utilities or productivity, and highlights some titles you may not have found otherwise. Likewise, some may not find the choices to their liking but it's all worth it when that app you didn't know you needed is featured.

The developer's website explains it all.


AppGratis — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 4.7 MB


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Not in Canada you say!

Not residing in Canada or the USA, I can't easily check app availability in any given country short of getting a VPN and checking each one which is not practical. There are no clues on the Developers website, but I've emailed them to find out, if that was your question. Allow a few days please so I can answer.
I haven't heard back from AppGratis, so I can't answer your question if I understand what it is you are asking if anything. Perhaps other readers from Canada can?

Is it any good for my Kindle Fire HD?

Hi Pattern-chaser As Fairportfan suggests, if your Kindle Fire is rooted, you can install the Google Play Store on it, then you'll have access to all apps on there. Instructions here. Otherwise, I've emailed the AppGratis developers and will report back to you once I have a reply in a reasonable timeframe. I will give them a few days to respond/
I haven't heard back from AppGratis following my enquiries on your behalf. That's dissapointing. There appears to be no official direct download so you can install it on your Kindle device. A search revealed you can get a version from 3rd party sites but this isn't recommended as they are not trusted, sources, so this method is at your own risk.

Probably needs to be rooted.