A very useful tool to keep applications, widgets and Apple software components updated


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Pros & Cons:

Easy to use, checks Apple and third-party software, direct download links, slick interface.
Some false positives, newest versions are commercial products.

Our Review:

The application AppFresh by metaquark is a very useful software updater for Macs. It keeps applications, widgets and Apple components updated (you can select which ones you wish to include), making use of i use this to check which updates are available, and to supply direct download links.

Unfortunately, this means it sometimes informs me of updates that are not stable releases, even though one may choose to be informed of either stable or nightly builds. It also reports that the update status of some software is unknown, even though it can detect the version correctly and find the correct entry in the online database. Strange.

However, AppFresh is generally good and easy to use. It is the only capable software update monitor I am aware of for Macs (I tried the Mac version of Software Informer, but it did not work well for me).

The last free version of AppFresh is 0.9 while the newest versions are commercial only.

AppFresh was reviewed by on based on version 0.9.