A very sweet To-do list application sets a high bar to be measured against the rest


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License: Free (Limited features)

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Easy to use, clean looking presentation, install includes Widgets.
Large memory footprint.

Our Review: currently only works from the phone's RAM and cannot be moved to the SD card. This is due to the Android requirement for tasks that need to schedule alerts must be stored in the phone's RAM, a workaround is being researched. takes about 10.49MB of storage. can be started from an Icon on your launcher screen or via a widget, with several different sized widgets included with the install. When the App is started and at the top of the screen is the entry point for your task. The task can be typed in by pressing the Plus Sign Icon in the entry box or recited by pressing the microphone Icon.

To the right of the entry box there is a three vertical dot Icon and pressing this brings up the Set-up menu. In the Set-up menu the Date and Folder Icons give you the choice of how you want your tasks to be presented. The Sync Icon syncs your tasks across all the devices you have installed on. The Gift Icon allows you to send an e-mail to any of your contacts to tell them about The Settings Icon brings up a sub-menu of configuration options. The Help Icon also brings up a sub-menu which is self explanatory. By the way, the tutorial is rather limited although the App is easy to understand without the tutorial.

Within the Settings sub-menu you can add additional Folders, change the Theme (Black text on White or White text on Black), set the First Day of the week you would like your calendar to start on, your Language of choice, Done Tasks shows completed tasks to delete, Sounds for alert notification, and Backups to backup your tasks.

Your tasks can be assigned to a category pressing the Plus Icon next to the time category/ folder name Icon. A feature I really like is if you want to move a task from a time/folder to another you can "long press" on the task hold and slide it to another time/folder without cut and paste. If you want to set up task options a tap on the task will brings up task specific options just beneath the task. The options are in this order—Priority to set the task as a priority item; Folder to assign the task to a folder; Alarm to set the time and date of an alert, note to add a note, and Share to pass the task on to others that you are collaborating with, they must also be using

On Android 4.0 and later the Near Field Communication (NFC) can be used to transfer via the Android Beam feature.

Tasks can also be set up by email, see web page FAQs for more details.

This is a very sweet To-do list application and once I have reviewed several others, I'll determine where this stands in regards to those. sets a high bar to be measured against for the other To-do List Apps. I like a lot. was reviewed by on