Another Way To Keep Tabs On Your LAN


A few days ago I wrote about a program from Nirsoft, called Wireless Network Monitor, which provides a display of who (or which devices) are connected to your network. has the original story.

The program has proved popular with Gizmo's readers, so here's another similar product which works in much the same way.  It's called WiFi Guard, from SoftPerfect, and you'll find the 4 MB download at . It's free to download and use, and malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

There are 32- and 64-bit versions available, in installable and portable formats.  I used the 64-bit portable version for my tests.  When you first start the program you are asked to choose between the available network connections on your PC - if you have both wired and wifi connections then there will be 2.  Once you've selected on, the program will scan your network and show you who, or what, else is connected.  It will pick up details about any IP devices, such as printers, cameras, routers, smartphones and tablets, and so on.  

The program also has the ability to show you a list of every device ever seen on your network since you started using WiFi Guard, even if that device isn't currently connected.  So it's a great way to keep track of how your LAN is being used.  It's also a handy troubleshooting tool to check that a device such as a phone or tablet has really connected, when it says that it has.

So check out both of these excellent tools, and decide for yourself which is your favourite.



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Nirsoft's Network Manager displayed everything including showing separately 2 external hardware drives plugged into a couple of the Pc's.

SoftPerfect's WiFi Guard identified less items connected to my Lan than Nirsoft. In particular it scorned my android devices and was contemptuous of my wifi printer.

So my vote for Nirsoft if only because no one likes to have their peripherals belittled

Now it would be great if either of these 2 programs would show real-time and/or average bandwidth usage! I often am wondering what device is hogging the internet.

What about NetWorx, shown on the same download list as WiFi Guard??

It can be difficult to find out what device is hogging the internet. If it's a wired device, then your router should be able to give you a breakdown of usage by port.