AndroZip File Manager


AndroZip File Manager

A good solid app to help you organize files, compress and decompress encrypted zip files.


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License: Free
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Categories: Disk & File, File Manager

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Lots of settings and features: installs to your external device memory and not directly on your device. Straightforward and well-built app that does what it says it can do.
None that I can find.

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AndroZip File Manager is another Android file management tool that has the look and feel of a well-built app. The first thing I like about it is that it installs to your memory card rather than to your device. It also does a lot of things the other management apps can do but doesn't have the screen split into two. What it does have is a clear, crisp look and feel and this is from the scroll-bar menu options to the scrolling of your folders, to the way a simple tap can move you backwards or forwards without any unnecessary fuss or finger-tapping technique.

You have a series of default folders that you can create to the left like Downloads, Music, etc so you can store all those files in one place, and there is also a Favourites if you don't want to trawl through all the unnecessary system folders. The scrollable menu options are well presented allowing you to do things like create new folders, search, see what your CPU is doing, kill any tasks or apps, and the settings have a wide-range of options to do much more. There is also a useful Backup feature for your apps. If you hold down on a folder or file, another menu appears giving you a range of options from delete, to rename, to copy and move etc.

And like the name implies, you can also create zip files. You can even send files and get properties on them which is quite useful. When you switch between memory card and device, it reminds you of this in a nice big bold pop-up that says you are leaving your memory card and is it OK to continue, which I think is a nice feature as sometimes you can have a mind-blank when doing things if you get distracted. And to go back you simply press the Home thumbnail in the scrollable menu.

Another nice (but potentially dangerous) feature is the ability to multi-do something like zips, delete, move and copy. If you know what you're doing, fine, but if you are unsure, don't use it!!

No adverts on this app, which is always a good thing, and overall a good solid app to have on your device. Works especially well on an Android tablet and again, there might be some difficulty on a small screen without the use of a stylus (or sharp finger nails).

AndroZip File Manager was reviewed by on based on version 4.5.6.