Android Free Game of the Year 2015

Android Free Game of the Year 2015

And the best free Android game of 2014 is.........

1. QuizUp

This one is not just another Trivia app. QuizUp pits you head-to-head real-time against another player for 7 rounds of timed multiple choice questions. What makes things more interesting and fun is that there are more than 700 topics to choose from various categories. This means that QuizUp is for everyone as it caters to your tastes. 

  • A huge variety of topics ranging from current pop culture to obscure scientific facts, and everything in between.
  • Hundreds of specialized topics, allowing you to find what you’re truly passionate about and master it.
  • Thousands of beautifully illustrated questions.
  • Various educational topics for those who want to brush up on their vocabulary, spelling or foreign languages.
  • A comprehensive overview of your stats, showing you how you’re doing in individual topics and categories.
  • Fun and expressive titles and achievements to earn.

All you got to do is to choose your Favorite topic, and then choose a random Opponent or one of your friends and then Play. Each round has 10 seconds to answer and you score according to how fast you answer correctly. You gain a certain XP or total points for each victory or loss and there's a monthly leaderboard for country-wise and world rankings for each category or topic you choose. 

New topics are added every week so you won’t have to worry about ever running out of trivia to test your knowledge on. You can also post your own questions. So go ahead and be the first in your favorite category. Good luck!



Android Free Game of the Year 2015


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George J

Thanks a million for the tip on Quizup!

I've been a trivia fanatic all my life and this is ,by far, the best trivia game I've
come across regardless of medium.It's quick,exciting, and the rankings by locale are a stroke of genius.

Again, many thanks.