AnDoc - PDF & DJVU Reader


AnDoc - PDF & DJVU Reader

A very good app provides a good PDF reading experience even on low-spec devices


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Get It: Android
License: Free

Pros & Cons:

Fast text and image rendering. Lots of options to customize the app's settings and your reading experience. Really good zooming and bookmarking.
Detected as malicious adware by some anti-malware apps. No text-reflow option. Recent files cannot be cleared.

Our Review:

AnDoc - PDF & DJVU Reader is a very good app that provides a good PDF reading experience even on low-spec devices. It is also one of the fastest PDF viewing apps when it comes to text rendering. Sadly, it can be flagged as adware by some anti-malware apps, which is not good at all.

The interface is really simple. After launching it, you can browse your SD Card searching for PDF and DJVU files or simply look for a file you have read previously within the "recent" list.

AnDoc works in a different way from most PDF viewing apps. Once you have opened the file you want to read, double-tapping won't zoom in and out the view but will open the main menu instead. There, you can add bookmarks, go to a specific page, find text, change the viewing scheme (fullscreen, show title, force portrait or landscape, switch between day and night modes, split pages and page-crop options). There is a zoom option too, although selecting it will activate a small tuner-like bar that can be used to zoom in or out. Just like Adobe's app, the zooming option goes very far (up to 32x). However, if you do not like that kind of approach for the zoom, you can simply use the "pinch" method.

This app includes several options to improve your reading experience. By using the Settings menu, you can change the user interface, the navigation settings, the app's performance (a great option if you have a slow phone) and even the rendering options (night mode, contrast, gamma, exposure and auto-levels). All these settings can be saved as a general rule, but can be customized for every individual book if you want to.

AnDoc is a great PDF viewer which happens to read DJVU files too, and it does a great job rendering both of them. Furthermore, its numerous options to tune the way it works can help reduce the RAM usage as well as your battery. Of course, not everything is perfect, as AnDoc lacks a text reflow option and there is no way to delete or clear your "recent files" option either, and it's supported by ads.

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