...And Relax


I've just spent 57 of the last 72 hours working on a maintenance project for a group of critical servers which proved to be a lot more complex than I'd ever imagined it would be.  So my apologies if you've been wondering about the lack of new hot finds over the past couple of days.

Once the work had finished, a spot of relaxation was called for.  Which gave me the perfect opportunity to check out a site that had been recommended to me last week, and which was sitting in my notebook ready to try.

Calm.com (www.calm.com) is a web-based service that helps you to relax after a particularly busy or stressful time.  Just sit back, plug in some headphones if you want, then head to the web site.  You can choose a period of 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes for your session. And you can choose whether you just get to hear calming music, or whether there's also a soothing voice too.  Combine those with the flowing, meditative graphics on the screen (or just close your eyes if you prefer) and you'll be back to a calm state in no time.

Calm is free to use, and works with any modern web browser.  



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I need uplifting, not calming. Our local radio station (wcny.org) is presently playing Mozart's Coronation Mass ....

I am all ready to NOT like this kind of site. But I bookmarked this one :))

Your recommendation must have driven a lot of traffic to the site. It appears the site got stressed out. All I see is a light blue screen with a darker blue ball pulsing in and out in the middle of the screen.