Ancestral Quest Basics


Ancestral Quest Basics

Easily organize your family history with basic features and automatic searches.


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License: Free (Limited features)
Categories: Home & Family, Genealogy
Tags: family-tree

Pros & Cons:

Automatic searches in the background, displays matches, perform individual searches, support ASCII character encoding.
No Unicode support, individual view blocked, nags with each startup.

Our Review:

Ancestral Quest Basics automatically searches RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project and in the background and displays number of matches. It performs individual Internet searches of,, and (some types of search available only with the paid version).

Internet connection and browser are required for internet search functions.

The application supports languages with ASCII character encoding.

This is the only product reviewed that did not support incestual relationships (children of parent-child unions). Same gender relationships are not supported.

It only supports for search by primary name. Back buttons, bookmarks, and history of people viewed are not supported.

It has no supports for ancestor or descendant box type charts, relationship or timeline reports.

Photos can be attached to individuals and "include photos" can apparently be selected for reports but I was unable to have the photos to display anywhere except in the individual's scrapbook.

The program nags with each startup and whenever a feature available only in the paid version is selected.

It has no Unicode support and the individual view is blocked.

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