AMP Font Viewer


AMP Font Viewer

Allows you to create categories or groups of fonts


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Pros & Cons:

Categories to group fonts; temporary installs; view more fonts in one window.
The interface could be improved.

Our Review:

AMP Font Viewer by AMPSoft (Alberto Martinez Pérez) seems to be a popular choice although I don't really like using it. The last revision was in 2008 and the interface could be improved.

You can organise fonts in one window, categorise fonts in another, edit the categories in a third, etc so it is not as integrated as NexusFont. AMP Font Viewer allows you to create categories (groups) of fonts. You can view any folder then add the font files to categories, view those not installed, or view those installed with those in the folder.

Like most font managers, font files cannot be deleted until they have been uninstalled. The usual file operations are there: copy, delete, move, rename. Temporary font installs minimise the size of the system font folder but I prefer NexusFont which makes all fonts available while it is running.

AMP Font Viewer was reviewed by on based on version 3.86.