America's Army


America's Army

Work as a team to complete specific objectives in this realistic FPS game


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Teamwork, graphics.
Too much of the game is downtime.

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Online: Primarily
Singleplayer: Tutorial
Registration: 2 Sites
Popularity: High


America's Army is a game produced and given away free from the United States Army. It is much more realism based than most FPS games out there.

You work as a team to complete specific objectives. If you are killed, you re-spawn with the rest of your team at the beginning of the round. This makes for lots of down time in your games. I found that you had to be very skilled to even score a kill.

After playing for three weeks and getting an average of one kill per game I gave up. It certainly takes a deal of practice to get good at this one, however, with the game's stat tracking and ranking system, the results can be truly rewarding.

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