Alien IP


Alien IP

A simple streamlined trace-route tool mapping the hosts world location.


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License: Commercial (Trial/Demo available)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Route Tracer
Categories: Networking, Route Tracer

Pros & Cons:

Globe map route display.
Unregistered mark over map, can't resolve names once in a while, results sometimes questionable.

Our Review:

Alien IP is a simple streamlined world map based trace-route tool. It utilizes many of 3D Traceroute advantages with an easy-to-use interface and easy-to-understand controls.

Simply input an IP# or URL address and Alien IP takes you right there by mapping the hosts world location. Alien IP can also locate a host, ping a host, resolve an IP range, create trace lists, ID local information, and it even provides a nifty IP calculator.

The software offers an unlimited trial period with a nag message and an unregistered mark imposed over the map. It can't resolve names once in a while and sometimes produces questionable results.

Alien IP was reviewed by on based on version 2.40.