Access and manage your Android devices wirelessly from Windows, Mac or the Web


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License: Free (Limited features)

Pros & Cons:

Transfer files between the PC and mobile wirelessly; easy to use; SMSes, browse photos, play media files and more via the PC, install and uninstall apps remotely.
Advanced features not free.

Our Review:

A phone screen is small and a tablet screen may not be as big enough as a desktop screen. With this app AirDroid installed, you can use your PC to access and interact with your mobile device wirelessly over a local Wi-Fi.

After installation, it's pretty easy to use—just run the app on your mobile, then enter into a web browser on your PC, and log in with the password given by the app for a session.

Right on your PC, you can then read, send or delete SMSes, install and uninstall apps, transfer files or share text between the PC and mobile, browse the photos, play back music and videos saved in your mobile, edit contacts and more.

Enjoy your Android experience over-the-air using your PC with a large screen monitor, a full-size keyboard, a mouse and maybe a perfect surround sound system.

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