A very handy utility to do multiple search-and-replace operations in the one pass.


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Pros & Cons:

Multiple search and replace operations in one pass.
Less powerful than Replace Text.

Our Review:

A.F.9 is a little less powerful, but a tad easier for average users. It allows you to edit files by replacing characters or any other bytes. The functionality is quite similar to a replace function in text editors, but you do more with A.F.9.

With this handy tool, you can do multiple search and replace operations in one pass, and save your Find & Replace arguments to a file for subsequent use. You can use characters, decimal values or hexadecimal values for your search and/or replace argument.

To save your time, you can drag-and-drop a folder to add all files in that folder and its sub-folders into the file list of A.F.9. Moreover, you can adjust the folder drag-and-drop behavior so that only certain files are added to the file list.

A.F.9 was reviewed by on based on version 1.2.