Advanced Renamer


Advanced Renamer

It has an attractive interface and renames multiple files and folders with renaming methods


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Pros & Cons:

Easy to use, mostly menu driven.
Supports only a handful of EXIF and ID3 tags.

Our Review:

Advanced Renamer has an attractive interface and works a little differently than other renamers. After you select the files you want to rename, you select the "Renaming method" you want to use. You then select pre-defined tags from multiple menus as commands. You can switch between methods to add different types of tags.

The renaming is mostly menu driven and I found it very easy to use after getting the hang of it even though it is a little light on more powerful features.

A very nice undo feature allows you to choose from a list which changes to undo. You can stack commands, map illegal file name characters, automatically display metadata, and change file attributes.

It has a picture preview, supports file change lists, and has very good help files. Since v2.7 was introduced, support for regular expressions and natural sorting has been added.

However, selecting files from a list to rename is clunky and you cannot select which ones you want to change as you can only remove them from the list. It only supports a handful of ID3 and EXIF tags.

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