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These are some additional settings for features in Vuze that may prove useful.  If you want information on any features not listed here, please post in the comments below and I will try to post some information.
This is a work in progress and I will post more information when I have time.

The complete listing of Vuze help pages here at Gizmo's Freeware is located at

Vuze is one of the suggested clients in my Best Free Bittorrent Client Review. here at Gizmo's Freeware.

If you do not have Vuze, you can get it from the


To make sure that you can see all the options referenced here Vuze should be in Mode = Advanced.

The location for this option is at

(Windows/Linux) Tools>Options>Mode
(Mac) Azureus>Preferences>Mode

Vuze Mode Setting Image

Additional Vuze Settings Help

IP Filter

The Vuze IP filter blocks the IPs entered within it.  Most commonly, the blocklist from BISS is used to block  IPs that are "known" to interfere with bittorrent.   There is some controversy over whether these lists are useful.  There is some evidence to support their use in this article and there is some evidence that they are not useful in this post.   I leave it up to you as to whether this is necessary for your situation.

Vuze offers a built-in IP Filter that has the ability to auto update itself.  You can also manually update.  It is located at:
(Windows/Linux) Tools>Options>IP Filters
(Mac) Azureus>Preferences>IP Filters

There are two sources for blocklist download, iBlocklist (BISS) and eMule.  For iBlocklist It is suggested to use the Level 1 blocklist. 
IBlocklist BISS Blocklist Download
eMule IP Filter Download

1.  Auto   For IBlocklist, enter the URL provided at the page in the Autoload box in Vuze.  The file will automatically unzip and the new blocklist will be incorporated.  This is the easier option as it automatically downloads every 7 days (eMule comes out every 7 days) or you can press the Load Now button and update at any time without going to the site (Level 1 IBlocklist updates every couple of days).

This is for the Bluetack Level 1 blocklist at IBlocklist

For emule copy the download link and enter in the autoload box

2.  Manual   Save the file to a location you want (I suggest in the Vuze program folder as it will be easy to remember).  Then in Vuze at the location below, select the browse button to locate the file and then press the Load Now button.  Thereafter you can save to that location, overwriting the existing file and press Load Now. (Click on image if you need clearer picture)

Vuze IP Filter Screen

After this go to Tools>Options>Interface>Display and enable the IPFilter Status option to see the number of ranges blocked in the status bar.

Loading Torrents

 My suggestion for new users is to follow the Azureus-Wiki:  What to do Now?:  Best Way (page has been removed from the Vuze-Wiki) setup instructions.  This method sets a download to automatically start when you download the torrent to the default directory.  If you then wish to only select some files out of a torrent, you can save to a different location and open manually through File>Open>Torrent File and you will see a screen where download location and files to download can be selected.  The setup under the Files and Torrents options for the above Best Way would look like this:

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I want to share an external hard drive that contains my Vuze downloads between 2 Mac computers. I created the files on the external on one computer but the other computer Vuze copy can see the downloads even though I've input the right volumes. Is there a trick?

I assume you mean "the other computer Vuze copy" can't "see the downloads" I also assume the external is connected to the computer in question. Since you have already added the torrent to that Vuze, you can try the context menu entry for the torrent (a right-click in Windows - not sure in Mac) Advanced>Files>Move Data Files and choose the directory containing the content. If that does not work, then remove the torrent from that Vuze and see below. If it is completed, then you need to be in Mode of intermediate or advanced Add the torrent to Vuze using File>Open>Torrent File (Ctrl+O) This presents you with an Add Torrent screen where you can choose the save directory. You will need to set the "Add Mode" to "Seeding" (Only visible in intermediate or advanced mode) If you choose the directory containing the content, Vuze should recognize it and adjust the %. There are some issues with Mac on resuming a partially completed torrent that might change this procedure a little even on a completed download. BTW I am on the road and on a WiFi right now and may not be able to get back quickly if you have more Qs. Steve

I'm still confused by all the options to choose from.

Usually on a Mac, you tell it where the directory is and it always remembers. In this case there are 3 different places where I can tell it where the Vuze/downloads directory on the external HD is, I delete the original Vuze/downloads directory from the user/library (created when I downloaded Vuze to the 2nd computer) and when I restart Vuze on the 2nd computer, it recreates the deleted directory and replaces all the parameters I changed back to the original directory location.

When I changed the directory location on computer 1 to the external HD, there was no problem. The downloaded movies appeared in the library.

No so with computer 2 using the same external HD...