Add Tracking Features To Your Gmail


MailTagMailTag is a very neat extension for Chrome that adds full tracking capabilities to your Gmail account. Once you've installed and enabled the app, which you can download from, it begins to track all your email. You can then click on the MailTag icon in your browser in order to access your dashboard, which shows you how many messages you've sent and whether/when they were opened.

Although there's a paid-for Pro version available as an upgrade, the basic edition is completely free and provides some fascinating data.







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I am with jtShea on this one. I could not figure out a way that a third party app would be able to track my email without way too much information about my email, and myself. No, thanks.

I started to enable this app, but balked when one of the agreements to the terms was letting it send emails 'on my behalf'. Not control that I am willing to relinquish.