Add To The Music With An Online Communal Piano


Multi Player Piano ( is a bit of online musical fun.  It's an electronic piano that you can play online via your web browser, using a mouse or keyboard.  The novel twist is that anyone else who's looking at the web site can play it too, so you can join in with someone else's tune (or just marvel at the cacophony!).

A bit of interactive online fun for the kids, if nothing else.




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Same as ixan -- thought it might be fun and wanted to share with my grandchildren. Link went straight to keyboard and running down the sides were obscene comments. Glad I checked first! My grandchildren are 5 and 6.

Never encountered problems with Gizmo sites before this.

I don't think you ought to recommend this site for children. I clicked the link which took me to lobby and there was the F word all over the place. Some of it just cursing some of it about what some of the people wanted to do to two sisters... Childish yes, suitable for children no.