Add Album Cover Images to Your MP3 File Icons


If, like me, you prefer to store your music collection on your PC, you've probably got a load of MP3 files in a handful of folders which look, frankly, ugly.  All those hundreds of filenames, but they each have the same boring icon that consists of a blue musical note. 

Wouldn't it be great if there was an app which automatically changed each MP3 file's icon to the cover of the album it came from.  The good news is that there is indeed such an app.  It's free, and it's called creevity.  You can get it from

Once it's installed (it's only a 1 MB download, and runs on all recent versions of Windows), just point it at one of your MP3 folders and scan through each file in turn.  If creevity can find matching album art online, a single click changes the file's icon.  If multiple images are found, you'll be presented with a selection of them so you can choose which you prefer.

In theory, creevity should be a great program.  Site user Diego, who recommended it to me, certainly thinks so.  But my own experience of it wasn't as successful as the screen shot below (taken from creevity's own web site) would have you believe.  I randomly chose 17 files from my own MP3 collection, and creevity managed to find matching art for just 2 of them.  While I'd freely admit that some of my tastes are a little obscure, there was also a Beatles track in there too. Still, even a handful of album cover icons is better than none at all.  And maybe your files are named and labelled in a better fashion than mine, in which case you might just find that the program works even better.




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