Add This $15.99 Computer Book To Your Collection For Free


Computer networking bookNetworking For Dummies is a really good book about computer networks. Unlike other titles, which delve into the inner mysteries of TCP/IP and other really technical stuff, this one is much more clearly aimed at amateur techies and computer enthusiasts. It tells you how to set up, configure and optimize a PC network in order to share files and folders, use printers, use the internet, and so on.

It's very much aimed at Windows users, rather than Linux gurus. And although it does still cover some technical stuff like TCP/IP, it's actually very readable and useful. Especially if you want to understand how IP addresses and subnets work, and why some computers in your home or office might have trouble talking to others.

Networking For Dummies costs $15.99, but for the next couple of weeks you can download the entire book as a PDF file for free. The download is around 16 MB and you get it by entering your details at





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Got to jump through a few hoops to get this...Have to fill out the form with your business info in it and All fields Must be filled in. Since I sign petitions, I'm used to fudging info so I don't get unwanted calls or mail from nonprofits. I used one of my alias email addresses-yes, it's working and current. Then, my address doesn't contain the north, south, etc direction or apt number when filled in. The zipcode of 99999 was accepted. I did have to put a valid phone number...hate having to do that as I have an unpublished number so used a very old number...yes, know it's not cool.

After filling in my "job" info, I was told to verify my email address then I could download the book. Had to sign in with my email to access "my library" but the book did download to my computer. This is more than I would ever do to get a free book...and not something worth the time having to put in so much personal info. Hopefully it will be worth it...looking forward to explanations that aren't so technical. Thanx...but won't do this again...