Ad Blockers and Coronavirus are Killing Gizmo’s Freeware but Thanks to You, we are Still Alive and Kicking – Just

Thanks to the amazing generosity and support of our readers, our fundraiser has now raised almost two thirds of what we need to keep Gizmo’s Freeware independent, non-commercial and free. A heartfelt thanks to all who have donated over the last week.
But we are still around 30% short of the funds needed for the site to survive in 2021 so I’m going to have to beg our readers to contribute a tad more.
Yes, I’m begging. Please, if you haven’t yet donated could you consider chipping in and get us across the line. 
Gizmo’s is one of the few remaining internet community websites that’s free and non-commercial. It has no paid staff, has no offices and makes no profits so we run on a shoestring. But we do have to pay for web hosting and for a busy site like ours, that doesn’t come cheap.  
So if you support the idea of honest reviews free of commercial bias or simply think the information you get from Gizmo’s Freeware is useful then please chip in to show your support for this ideal and ensure we keep the good info flowing.
You can donate now by clicking the Donate button below or clicking the following link:


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