A unique word processor able to read and edit PDF documents


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Pros & Cons:

Familiar user interface, basic word editing features plus PDF editing capabilities.
Some advanced editing features not included.

Our Review:

AbleWord keeps a common user interface with menus and tool icons familiar to average users.

In this light and excellent word processor, all basic editing functions are included like find and replace, indent and bullet, paragraph alignment, inserting tables, text frames and pictures as well as spellchecks, but some advanced tools like hyperlinks and tracking changes are not available. Files can be saved in doc, docx, txt, rtf, html or pdf format. Page setup with header and footer, and print preview are also a standard feature.

Unlike other word processors, AbleWord is unique in its capability to read and edit PDF documents.

It is remarkable to directly open a PDF file for basic editing, like altering some text or images from the PDF file without affecting its basic layout before saving back to PDF. Importing text from a PDF file into a word document is also included in the latest version.

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