8 Free Computer Forensics Training Resources for IT Pros (and anyone else)


photo of hard disk driveComputer Forensics is a rather specialized branch of computer security - free classes and training aren't common and aren't easily found.
This list of classes is aimed at IT Pros, but anyone with an interest in Computer Forensics would enjoy them as well.

The descriptions for each entry tell you all you need to know; whether you need to sign up for an account and then enroll in the class, what types of training are available, if classes are free or the site has a combination of free and paid classes, and any other important details. Not all classes are open to everyone - of the list, EH Academy, Cybrary, Null Byte, Open Learn, Charles Stuart University, the YouTube courses are open to all, while classes at NW3C and FedVTE are open to specific personnel.

The article also includes a link to a list of useful computer forensic tools for Windows, Mobile and Mac OS devices. Some of them will likely be familiar to our regular readers. Also worth a look at the same site are the articles Introduction to computer forensics and Top forensic tips in their Resources section.
Some of the areas you'll find tools for: 

  • Disk tools and data capture
  • Email analysis
  • General tools
  • File and data analysis
  • File viewers
  • Internet analysis
  • Registry analysis
  • Application analysis

8 Free Computer Forensics Training Resources For IT Pros

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It fascinates me as well. :)

An excellent find. The fascinating field of computer forensics is certain to grow and provide well paid employment for investigators in the future. Wish this science had been around 45 years ago when I came out of high school.