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7 Sticky Notes

A promisingly useful utility offers options for linking your note to a file


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Good range of useful advanced features, including online synchronization with cloud services.
Inserting large and/or multiple images into notes results in significant slow-down, and other problems. You can only create one new note at a time.

Our Review:

7 Sticky Notes comes third in this category with all the basics, and an advanced feature set that is comparable to Stickies. It is not, however, quite as robust as Stickies and PNotes.Net.

In particular, I ran into problems when adding images to my notes. Like PNotes.Net, pasting in images with your text is a simple matter. Unsurprisingly, large, high resolution images are a mistake. I experienced a significant slow down when I pasted a 2 MB bit map. A 50 KB jpg dropped in nicely, until I added a further 316 KB jpg into the same note. The program froze for an extended period, and froze again when I tried to delete the offending note.

7 Sticky Notes only lets you create one new unused note at a time, while Stickies and Pnotes.Net allow you to make as many as you want. I find the ability to generate multiple new notes far more convenient.

Unlike Stickies and PNotes.Net, you cannot attach a note to any window you choose. But 7 Sticky Notes offers two other options for linking your note to a file. You can hyperlink to the original file or embed a copy of the file.

If you wish to network or access your notes from other computers, 7 Sticky Notes has an online synchronization feature allowing you to make use of cloud computing services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Overall, 7 Sticky Notes is a promisingly useful utility, but I still rate Stickies and PNotes.NET higher for ease of use.

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