40 Free Christmas Wallpapers and Images


Pixabay, my go-to free stock image site, is offering a bundle of 40 free holiday wallpapers and images you can use as wallpaper or any other project you have in mind. There's quite a variety of images including gifts, ornaments, nature, holiday food items, candles and a few fun illustrations. The bundle comes as a downloadable compressed (zipped) file and the download size is a not too big 67 MB. The images themselves are various sizes and quite large, so, depending on your device and resolution you might need to do some resizing and/or cropping. 

Get 40 Free Christmas Wallpapers and Images


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Excellent link and wonderful pictures!

I'm happy you like them. :)

"You will get a sentimental feeling....when you hear
Voices singing let's be jolly....
Deck the halls with boughs of holly"

Hear, hear. :)


Thank you so much, rhiannon... and let's share one more Christmas time! :-)

Lovely idea. I've enjoyed your comments so much over time, I'm glad you're here. :)


the first thing I read today was your message. And your words made my day start better! :-)

Thank you from my heart! And rest assured that I appreciate very much your posts and all you share with us through the years.
*thumbs up*

Awwww, that's so nice of you to say.......... :)