This 4-In-1 File Explorer Makes Moving And Copying Files Simple


The standard way to move or copy files and folders in Windows is to use Windows Explorer.  But there's a fundamental flaw in its design which Microsoft consistently seems to ignore. You open Explorer and select the files you want to move or copy and then, well, what exactly?  You either have to open another instance of Explorer, or move within the open one, in order to paste the stuff you just selected.  It works, but it's messy and complicated.  And Windows Explorer, like the rest of Windows, is often too big and complicated for performing small tasks.

All of which is why I rather like an Explorer-like program called Q-Dir, which you can get from  It's free, it's a tiny download of around 0.5 MB, it's portable, and it's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web Of Trust.

Once you've downloaded the zip file and unpacked it, just click on the .EXE file to run it.  Instantly you'll see not 1 but 4 identical windows, each showing a view of your PC.  Each of the windows operates independently so you can, for example, point one of them at one folder, and another of them at a different folder, and then easily move or copy stuff between them.  It's simple, elegant, and it works really well.

Q-Dir works on Windows XP and above and, as I mentioned, it's free, so give it a try if you want a flexible way to manage your information.




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I detest panes.
I will forgive those that grew to love them, back in the early (pre Tabs) days.
However, 90% of what people used panes for, is now much better served by using a File Manager with Tabs.

You can open your target folder in another tab, and just drag the files to the Tab name (a right press down drag, gives you the option to Copy or Move)

XYPlorerFree can do all that. It is hard to find, but one of the other articles on this site, shows where to get it.

I love Tabs in many programs, and wonder how we got by in those (pre Tabs) dark ages.

yes, i agree that q dir is good. i have used it and others. my favorite however, really not because of useability, but for making it look like i want, is explorer plus plus(++). it also has tabs and not windows. if i have to move a lot of files around, i will just bring up q dir and its great for that.

Since when has drag and drop been complicated or messy? The program you are recommending today, with 4 window panes, is much more complicated to keep track of!

I grant that Windows Explorer doesn't work well, which is why I use Xplorer²; and while I use a single pane, you can have two full browser panes open plus numerous "scrap" windows open as well.

And like any file manager application, its a matter of what one feels comfortable with.

It doesn't have to be used with four panes, it can be anything from one to four.

I like it because it's an excellent lightweight and fast alternative to Explorer with a few useful additional functions such as file filtering.

Download from this site is a exe file named jZipSetup-r276-w-bf, which tries to get you to install AVG tool bar & Torchbrowser

Downloaded from the Portable Freeware Collection site was very quick & simple.

Same here, are you sure you clicked the correct link?

The Portable Freeware Collection site doesn't host any files anyway, the link just goes to SoftwareOK as does the one in this article.

Nenad makes great programs, I've used several of them for years without any unwanted bundles.

I found no such file in either the installer version, or the portable version. Was clean. Nothing extra offered.

I'm with David!. I have been using this program for several years and have not found anything else that even comes close. It is a really great program, didn't realize I could carry it on a memory stick, thanks David


This has been my favorite for several years now. The author listens to suggestions and has more free utilities not as well known as Q-DIR. when you unzip it, all you need is the EXE file to make it portable.

I keep it on every flashdrive I own.

Good write up, Rob.