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360 Security

A capable app goes beyond the common anti-malware strategy by adding hotfixes


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Sleek design with a simple user interface. Fast and lightweight anti-malware engine. Interesting set of goodies.
Intrussive new set of permissions. Does not include anti-theft capabilities.

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360 Security by Qihoo 360 Software is a capable app that goes beyond the common anti-malware strategy by adding hotfixes to certain security issues. Sadly, some of the latest changes in the app have increased the number of required permissions to an intrusive level, which definitely affects the app's reputation.

360's interface is user friendly, with gorgeous looks, while keeping it as simple as it can be. We never knew what to expect for when we installed 360 Mobile Security for the first time, although we must say it surprised us in a good manner when, in addition to malware, it also detected and offered us to patch a series of specific Android vulnerabilities that neither Avast, TrustGo nor Lookout (among other major anti-malware players) ever considered.

That is one of the most innovative features any security app has included so far, as there’s no need to wait for firmware updates from the manufacturer to patch our device’s vulnerabilities or seek protection by installing third-party ROMs. There is a trick regarding 360's ability to patch the vulnerabilities, though: in order to keep your phone safe, you must keep the 360 Mobile Security installed; should you ever want to uninstall it, you will lose all the "patches" it had ever installed on your device.

In the event that you need to change the behavior of 360 Mobile Security, just swipe the main UI to the left and tap on the small gear-like icon. There, you can enable and disable the Auto Updates, the Auto Start, the language and the notification tray, which includes shortcuts for the System Cleanup, the alarm, the recent apps and a flashlight toggle.

If you do not feel confident about providing anonymous statistics regarding 360's usage, make sure you disable the Customer Experience Improvement Program option.

360 Mobile Security also packs some goodies such as a Privacy Advisor, a System Cleanup Tool and a very useful “Floating Window” as 360 describes it. The first one will list all the installed apps under 7 permission-based categories whilst the second one will kill any app you choose and it will also clean private data from the system’s history. The floating window is a small but omnipresent floating shortcut that can be placed on the sides of the screen. When tapped on, it shows all apps currently running, but you can add toggles for Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, GPS and Screen Brightness among others. If you feel like the floating window is causing you some problems, you can disable it or ask 360 to show it only in the launcher screen. The latest version also includes a Vault, a Call & SMS filtering feature and a Junk Cleaner.

Even though it lacks things such as an Anti-theft or a Firewall, 360's design and features compensate that loss. It consumed about 6~8 MB of RAM while idle, and it peaked at 19 MB while performing a scan in a heavily loaded device. As a security app, it packs advanced features such as the advanced system vulnerabilities fixing and a very good malware detection engine. It is a pity the guys at Qihoo have messed up the app with intrusive permissions in recent versions and the recent introduction of 360 Mobile Safe (which works on a very similar way to 360) only brings more confusion, and that's definitely something a lot of users won't like .

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Guys that is the third of fourth time I read the same online...the 360 has anti-theft capabilities, to lock, erase, and locate the phone, not sure what version are you evaluating...most of the others, use the same google locate for that....