350,000 Free Windows Wallpaper Images To Choose From

Perhaps the easiest way to change the look of your PC is to pick a new wallpaper image for your desktop background. If you're bored of the standard images supplied with Windows, there are many sites from which you can download others.  Wallpoper, at www.wallpoper.com, is one of them.  It's free, and offers a choice of 350,000 images to search from.

And if you're wondering why all the search results in the screen shot below are the same colour, I shall tell you.  The search system allows you to search by colour as well as by keyword.  Neat.




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by MissT (not verified) on 10. June 2012 - 10:33  (94635)

thanks for that link - nuff choice!!

by Century22 on 1. June 2012 - 13:01  (94276)

Lots of photos yes. The search engine does not work very well. They need lots of tags.
I did submit the suggestion.

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