34 Brand New Free Programs


Each year our friends over at the Donation Coder website hold a contest to encourage the development of new free software.  The results of their 2011 contest have just been announced with 34 new programs of which 20 were placed in the top category.

Mostly these programs are small specialist utilities.  They are not exactly life changing but most users will find something here that will interest them.

I tried two that were were relevant to me and they both worked well.   The first was Speed Monitor that allows you to monitor and track the load speed of websites over time. I’m using it right now to monitor the performance of the Gizmos’ Freeware website.  The second was Cautomaton that allows you automate actions that are otherwise hidden away in the context menu of a file. It’s for experienced users only but it did allow me to solve a problem that had otherwise eluded me.

Most of the programs look to be freeware but I haven’t checked all 34 so it is possible that some are licensed as donationware using the fair and equitable Donationcoder system where a single donation to the site gives you access to all the programs on the site.  I made a donation and I hope you do as well as this site does a great job helping freeware and freeware authors.

This list is definitely worth checking out.  Like me you might find a utility that solves a long standing problem.



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