27 Great Sites To Waste Your Time On


27 Time wasting internet sites

This list of 27 sites is great to have around when you want a break from being productive or want something light, funny, or strange.

Sometimes you want a break from being productive, and having a list of sites that can provide some distraction is good to have around. Puppy cams, shark tracking, creating music beats, LEGO videos, and more can be found in this great list. These sites are a terrific alternative to the usual time gobbling sites such as YouTube.
I've added a few from my collection here:

The 27 sites are here, if you have a few minutes (or more) to spend have a look.

The 27 Best Websites for Wasting Time on the Internet in 2019

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Those interested in creating music beats will find ButtonBass far superior to Madeon.

Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Should have thought to add to your list...I go to www.jigzone.com and www.thejigsawpuzzles.com for breaks as you can choose the puzzles, piece numbers and type of pieces you want to do. Can do 25 piece puzzles that take only a few minutes or more pieces that will take longer. These are good for me when I'm done with everything else and want to clear my mind from the day's problems. Also www.themahjong.com a tile matching game that moves quickly and you can do a many or as few as you like. All of these are great for kids too. Grandkids like them.

Jigzone is a terrific site, I've been visiting it for years. I'll have a look at the others, thanks for the suggestions. :)

What fun...not into creating your own beats and the mandalas will take a bit of time for me to get used to doing as am not an artist. That said, The Useless Web is a cross between the ridiculous, to the funny, to the WTF...loved it. This is sand showed me what colors really do not work, but also enjoyed that. My favorite is Bored.com...tried several hidden object games and had a good time. You're right, good distractions to take a break for a few minutes. Thanx much rhiannon.

You're very welcome. :)