26 Gorgeous Aurora and Color Spectrum Wallpapers


Great collection of wallpapers that have Aurora and Color Spectrum themes.

I love these wallpapers, they are so colorful.....but then, I haven't met a color I didn't like.

The wallpapers come in full screen and wide screen (in various resolutions) plus a few for the iPhone.
I didn't see any for multi-monitors.
The screen resolution varies from wallpaper to wallpaper and within wallpaper packs.

Some of the wallpapers are individual downloads, others come in wallpaper packs.
The wallpaper packs have more than one wallpaper and usually a range of screen resolutions.

Several are linked to deviantART to download - in the Details there's usually a resolution size.
Some are listed as the resolution of the small graphic on the page, not the resolution of the wallpapers.
Others list the resolution of the wallpapers.
At any rate, don't mistake the small resolution for the size of the wallpaper like I did.

26 Gorgeous Aurora and Color Spectrum Wallpapers


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