25 Google Docs Tips You Probably Didn't Know


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Whether you're new to Google Docs or an experienced user, you'll find some great tips to make using Google Docs faster and easier in this article.

Google Docs has some shortcuts that are extremely useful but aren't widely known. 25 of the best are here so you don't have to discover them on your own. Add a few to your routine and make using Google Docs easier.

The tips in this article let you:

  • Do research without leaving Google Docs
  • Add, edit and crop images from Google Photos, Google Drive, URL or Search
  • Get definitions for words
  • Translate documents to other languages
  • Tag other users to collaborate
  • Use the template gallery
  • Add fonts
  • Send someone a link to a PDF version of your document

There are several more handy tricks in the article. Unless otherwise noted, the tips apply to the desktop, browser based version of Google Docs.
You'll need a Google account to use Google Docs. If you'd rather not create a Gmail account, you can use Google's services without a Gmail account. Accounts can be created using your existing email address and a working phone number. Temporary or disposable email addresses won't work. If you should happen to have a Google Voice phone number, it won't be accepted as a valid phone number.
During the sign up process a window will pop up asking you to accept Google's terms. If you click on "More" you can pause some Google services such as Web and Apps, YouTube, and Location.

25 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Docs could do

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