24 of the Best Apps to Remember Everything You Discover Online


These 24 web applications can help you remember what you come across online.

Instead of trying to find one place to store all the items you want to save online, this article takes a different approach by breaking items into categories and offering different applications for each category.

Whether it's saving bookmarks, storing your notes online, keeping copies of what you find using PDF services, or want to view web pages without clutter and save them for reading later on, these apps have you covered.

  • Bookmark Your Favorite Sites
  • Store Notes Online
  • Keep a Copy
  • Reading Apps

Most of the apps listed are free, but a few are paid versions or have a free and a paid version.
Some of these web applications I use now or have used in the past, though all are good.

The 24 Best Apps to Remember Everything You Discover Online

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