161 Terrific YouTube Videos


This list of YouTube videos from Mashable is enough to keep just about anyone busy for quite a while. Here are the categories used in the Mashable article:

  • 10 Best UFO Hoax Videos
  • 15 Fab Flash Mob Videos
  • 10 Best World Cup Goals
  • 6 Best FIFA World Cup Controversies of the Past 20 Years
  • Top 10 YouTube News Bloopers
  • Top 10 Stop Motion Videos
  • 10 YouTube Videos of People Doing Amazing Things
  • Top 10 Robot Videos
  • Top 10 Wedding Dance Videos
  • Top 10 YouTube Cover Songs
  • Top 10 LEGO Movie Tributes
  • 10 Best LEGO Music Videos
  • Top 10 Funny Cat Videos
  • 10 Best Get a Mac Ads
  • Top 10 Funny Dog Videos
  • 15 Insanely Popular Lady Gaga YouTube Videos

With such a diverse list there should be something for everyone.

161 of the Best Videos on YouTube


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