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I hadn't been to Office Online for quite a while, mostly because I've been frustrated with the search features....errrr, I should say the lack thereof.
Office Online has always had clip art, templates, and more recently, photos that you could download for free.
The templates have been limited to Word and other Office applications, though there have been many that worked in Open Office as well.

A recent visit shows several changes to the site.
For the not-so-great changes, all content now has to be downloaded to Microsoft Clip Organizer or Microsoft Clip Gallery, depending on the Microsoft Office product versions you have installed on your computer. Previously anyone could download from the site, whether or not you had Office.

Another not-so-great change - Microsoft has entered into some partnership agreements with iStockphoto, Animation Factory, Fotolia and some others. That would be fine if figuring out what's free and what's paid content wasn't so difficult.
If you want more sizes or options you have to go to the partner site and get the paid content. All the images I checked were between, roughly, 700 to 1200 pixels, both width and length, at 150 DPI.
You might want to stick to the Microsoft offerings if you need content that has a greater range of use.

In the "what's the world coming to" category there is advertising on the site. The ads are site appropriate, but they aren't Microsoft ads.

One of the changes I found quite useful. Under Clip Art Resources, you can now change the size of the search result thumbnails (small or medium), and best of all, how many thumbnails are displayed per page (8, 12, 24, 48). Nice accommodation for most bandwidths.
You can also choose the size of the image previews, either medium or large.
Searches can now be limited to All Media types, Clip Art, Photos, Animations, and Sounds.

Download is easy, just check the box under the image(s) you want and click on download on the left panel.
You'll have to agree to the terms and have cookies enabled to use the site.

Microsoft Office Online

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