15 Ways To Backup Gmail


Gmail logoThere are many reasons to keep a backup of Gmail, especially if it's your only email address. This article presents several diverse ways to back up your Gmail.

Keeping Gmail safely backed up is a good practice for several reasons. Lost or forgotten passwords, losing access to your account, or Gmail becoming inaccessible for some reason. If Gmail is your only email account or there's anything that's important to you or mission critical, backing up your Gmail is crucial.

This article has 15 ways to backup your Gmail, falling into these categories: forwarding, cloud backup, download and archive, and one time snapshots.
One time snapshots archive Gmail as it is when you back it up, for example using Google Takeout. A few are paid options, the rest are free.

  • On the fly forwarding forwards or processes every message that comes into Gmail.
  • Cloud backup: the main issue here is that you need access to the internet to get to your mail, there's no local copy.
  • Download and archive includes using a local email client like Thunderbird and using programs like Mailstore Home.

There are enough solutions in the article that you can find one that appeals to you. Note that backing up Gmail isn't the same as backing up G Suite. G Suite has other options.

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