15 Tools to Diagnose Windows Problems


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You don't have to be an expert to troubleshoot Windows problems with these tools.

These 15 tools can diagnose many problems in Windows. Fix stuck pixels on a monitor, find out what hardware is on a computer, diagnose hard drives, analyze Wi-Fi connections, view active processes, check what devices are on a network, see what's taking space on your hard drive, check for malware and more with this array of diagnostic tools.

This article has a great list of useful tools and good descriptions about what they do. They cover most issues that occur in Windows and vary from easy to use for anyone to ones more suited to people familiar with system processes. If you don't know what's wrong with your computer, these tools can point you in the right direction. Links to the tools and descriptions are at the article; here's the list of what's covered in the article:

  1. Process Explorer
  2. CPUID
  3. System Explorer
  4. Reliability Monitor
  5. Wi-Fi Analyzer
  6. Angry IP Scanner
  7. WinDirStat
  8. CrystalDiskInfo
  9. HWiNFO
  10. hddscan
  11. Windows Sysinternals Suite
  12. Malwarebytes
  13. JScreenFix
  14. ESET SysInspector (link in article is wrong, use this link)
  15. Debug Diagnostics 2

The Wi-Fi analyzer is available at the Windows Store, a Microsoft account is required to download it. The link to CrystalDiskInfo goes to the features page - click on the Download tab at the top to get the program. There are several tools that are similar to the ones on this list, but this is a good collection of solid tools you can use to diagnose most Windows problems.

15 Windows Diagnostics Tools to Improve Your PC’s Health

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All of the applications, with the exception of the wonderful Malwarebytes, where way over this average user's capability. Probably easy for most IT Pros.

We have such a wide variety of readers here. :)

Once again you've added some really helpful utilities. Your website is the first one I go to when I have computer problems and in need of a particular free program.
Thanks for all your good work!

Thank you for your kind words, they are appreciated. :)

Great stuff. Thanks!

I'm glad you like it. :)

Good stuff here. In the "15 Tools" article, the 14th utility is ESET System Inspector, but the link takes you to the 15th item which is a Microsoft Debug Diagnostic utility. You will need to google for the ESET utility in order to find it.

I've added the link to ESET, thank you. :)