10,500+ Cool Facts


10,500+ Cool Facts

Find More Than 10,000 Fun Facts In One Place


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Educational and entertaining, huge number of entries, easy to browse and read, bookmarking.
Text based without graphics.

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To be exact at time of this review, this resourceful app has a total of 10,513 entries of fun facts in the Android version and 11,969 entries in the iOS version. In either version, the entries are sequentially numbered.

Some facts you will already know, but more you will certainly not. Install this app for free on your mobile devices and read a few entries a day wherever you go. If you continuously read 10 facts every day, it will take about three years to finish.

Browsing through the facts in this app is easy. Tap, swipe down or right to go to the next entry, or swipe up or left to the previous; or go straight to a fact with an entry number. When you like a fact, save it to your favorites for future reference, or share it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any doubts over a fact presented, tap “verify this fact” via the gear button and it leads you to a Google search result page to find out more.

Enrich your knowledge and learn a ton of facts and information in this free app. It is not only entertaining and educational but also a great way to kill time.


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