100 Tools To Search The Deep Web


This site from the Online College Blog has outstanding search information for finding things the larger search engines don't index.
The search categories are wide ranging:
- Custom Search Engines
- Semantic Search Tools and Databases
- General Search Engines and Databases
- Collaborative Information and Databases
- Academic Search Engines and Databases
- Meta-Search Engines
- Scientific Search Engines and Databases
- Custom Search Engines
Also included are these two segments:
- Tips and Strategies
- Helpful Articles and Resources for Deep Searching

If you want to look beyond the most-used search engines this is the place to start.
I spent a lot of time exploring the links at this site, and found more than a few gems.
I'd probably still be there if I didn't have to, you know, sleep and stuff like that.

100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web


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