10 Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC


Did you know that Linux can fix a variety of Windows PC problems? It can. Here's how.

One of the lesser known tools to repair some Windows issues, Linux can be a lifesaver when you think your computer is haunted and it refuses to work properly.
I've come across many an article that mentions you can use Linux as a repair tool.
That's terrific, but what does it fix and how do you do it?

This article doesn't assume you know anything about Linux and how to use it. It gives you everything you need to know in step by step screen shots, with links to anything you need to do that isn't in the article such as creating an ISO image (sounds hard but isn't). The article uses the Ubuntu version of Linux, one of the more popular and easier to use versions.
You can:

  • Change or Reset Your Password
  • Diagnose Windows or Hardware Problems
  • Clone Your Hard Drive Recover Data (Like a Forensics Expert)
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Scan Your Windows PC for Viruses
  • Securely Wipe Your PC’s Hard Drive
  • Repair Damaged Backup CDs
  • Access or Backup Files from Your Dead Windows PC

Highly recommended for anyone who wants to add to their troubleshooting skills

The 10 Cleverest Ways to Use Linux to Fix Your Windows PC


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